Monthly Archives: February 2013

Paper folding activities

I’ve been playing with paper folding recently, and exploring the mathematics involved. I’m simply amazed by the number of mathematical ideas that can be represented by paper folding, so I thought I would share a few of my discoveries here. Sequences As you can see above, you can generate the sequence of numbers 1, 2, […]

Two competing visions of the future of education

(Image credit: Left – Multnomah County Library, Right: Sam Howzit)   If you ask people who attempt to predict the future of education, you will find out quickly that there are two very different, competing perspectives. One camp believes that the future of education is in moving away from complete standardization of curriculum and focusing […]


I’ve been working on improving ActivePrompt, and I decided to split it off to it’s own domain. This script was originally created by Riley Lark, and I’ve been working on my own fork of his project. The new site needs some serious work on the appearance (interested in helping? Let me know), but the functionality […]

Sam Wineberg on the need to change how research is shared

If you are involved in educational research or you are interested in learning more from educational research, I strongly recommend watching this presentation by Dr. Sam Weinburg (via Dan Meyer). Dan does a good job of highlighting the strengths of this video, however I have this to add: most academic writing might as well be […]

We should really prepare students for university

I don’t think we are doing a good enough job of preparing high school students for the university experience. We need to do more! We should increase class sizes in high school up to 500, so that students get the experience of being in a large lecture hall. We may want to ease students into […]

Math in the Real World presentation

I am presenting in Hope, British Columbia today, on the topic of Math in the Real World. Here are my presentation slides. You will probably notice that sections 6 and 7 of my presentation are not completely focused on the topic of “math in the real world” but I feel like they are such important […]

Presentations for tomorrow

I’m presenting at the ISABC professional development conference tomorrow, twice. Once on using Twitter as a professional development tool, and the other time on the use of technology in math class. I’ve embedded the slides for these presentations below. Both presentations are intended to be run as workshops so that participants will be expected to […]

Six word story

In the spirit of a story Ernest Hemmingway probably never wrote, I was going to offer this as my six word story for #etmooc. "For sale: Master’s degree, never used." Unfortunately, it seems that this particular short story has been thought of before. It’s also worth noting that this particular piece of fiction does not […]

Education as vaccination

"We seem to think that education is a thing—like a vaccine—that can be designed from afar and simply injected into our children." ~ Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr This is a quote from the State of the State address by the Governor of California, and it is one of my new favourite quotes on education. […]