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20 things every teacher should do


The objective of this list is to identify a core set of teacher practices that every teacher should do. There are some things missing from my list. For example, I have not highlighted the need for every teacher to be aware of issues around the social status of their students, their students emotional needs, or have a certain level of cultural awareness. I think these things are important, but I’m not sure how to describe them in a sentence. If you have any suggestions…

I’m also fully aware that these sentences are probably too brief to be a complete picture of the complexity of teacher practice. There are entire books on giving good feedback and understanding formative assessment. I do not view this list as a simple check-list but rather as a starting place for teachers and teacher-educators to ask questions about effective teaching practice.

I’m sharing this graphic with a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-commercial, Share-alike license. You can make a copy to modify it here if you like, provided you make any changes from the original obvious, and provide appropriate attribution. Also, here is a PDF version.

What else would you include? What do you disagree with? Do you have any clarifying questions about what I mean by anything on this list?