Keynote Presentations

This is a sample of a keynote presentation I did in Kelowna, British Columbia. The audio is from the live keynote itself, but the video portion is a screen-cast of the presentation slides from the day.


Sample Workshops

These are some files from a workshop I did, also in Kelowna. The objective of this workshop was to teach teachers a way to improve an instructional routine (circulating around the classroom) that almost all of them already do. This workshop design is based on work done collaboratively with my colleagues at New Visions for Public Schools.


Alternatively, I can present a workshop on Math in the Real World, which helps teachers think of all of the issues around context that they can use to help students learn mathematics.


Evaluating mathematics programs

I can come into your school or school district and observe classes and talk about some of the general and specific needs I see.

  • Are students engaging in rich mathematical tasks which are at an appropriate challenge level?
  • Are students learning mathematical processes alongside mathematical content?
  • Do students have sufficient opportunity to discuss mathematics with each other?
  • Are the mathematics classrooms responsive to the cultural and emotional needs of students?
  • Are the teachers using formative assessment to guide the direction of their lessons?
  • Is the use of technology in the classroom effectively used to engage students in mathematical reasoning?


Technology in education

This is a sample of a short presentation that I can give to teachers in preparation to helping them learn about technology. I would typically start with this presentation, and then give teachers opportunity to experiment with a tool of choice, recognizing that once teachers have mastered one technology tool, other tools are easier to master.



Alternatively, I can also do much more specific workshops on using Geogebra, learning programming, using video in education, social media or many other topics.