Monthly Archives: February 2013

Everyone should learn to code has released a video of some big names in the programming world talking about their first experiences in computer programming, and why they think everyone should learn to code. The reasons they give are that programming teaches you to think (via a quote from Steve Jobs), it helps you learn how to decompose problems […]

Math in music

I’m always on the look-out for ways of finding connections between mathematics and other areas of knowledge. Music is one of the areas of knowledge that I know has some similarities with mathematics, and so I’ve been brainstorming ways one could incorporate music into a mathematics classroom. Here are a few examples. A musical scale […]

The Number Hunter

Stephanie Glen shared with me this interesting project she is working on. The objective of the project is to produce a series of videos to get students excited about mathematics in much the same way that Bill Nye excites students about science. Here’s Stephanie talking about the project in her own words.   Right now […]

Using my iPhone as a wireless microphone for my computer

I’ve watched a lot of online webinars and presentations, and whenever there is a video of someone presenting at the front of the room, the audio quality is always horrible which makes the presentations hardly worth listening to. So that I don’t end up in the same situation when I end up having presentations recorded, […]

Math in movement

Bon Crowder shared this very interesting TED talk about some of the mathematics in movement and dance. I recommend reading her post to see some more resources on the mathematics of dance and movement.   Erik and Karl show some ways in which one can explore combinatorics, topology, symmetry, patterns in numbers, and fractions through […]

We need to rethink our anti-bullying efforts

I watched this video, and I was reminded of the primary reason I became a teacher. As a bullied youth, I wanted to try and help prevent this from happening to other children. I cannot see how I have been remotely successful in this goal.     I spend so much of my energy focusing […]

How can we encourage more questions?

It is my experience that the more deeply I learn about a domain, the more questions I have. Similarly, when I know very little about something, I have lots of questions as well (although these are usually much different questions than the questions I have as I gain expertise). In the middle somewhere, the number […]

Colouring problems

I’m currently working on math enrichment activities with some 3rd and 4th grade students. Aside from using some standard resources for enrichment, I’m finding that I can find challenging problems from different areas of mathematics and find ways to introduce the main concept to students in a context they understand. For example, our current question […]

Context matters

This afternoon my wife and I participated in my son’s student-led conference. In this conference, my son led us through a sample of various classroom activities he’s done over the course of the year. He was excited to share what he had done, and both my wife and I were very proud of him. At […]


I read an interesting article recently about over-parenting, where children are made helpless because of too much support from their parents (and teachers). After I read the article, I remember this story from many years ago, shared by a colleague of mine. "We had a kid whose mom used to dress him all the time, […]