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Two views of mathematics

(Image credit: DanCentury) As usual, there is an argument going on Reddit on mathematics education. There is a statement from that argument that I would like to highlight here, and a related discussion on Reddit with a related comment. "I solemnly declare that no kid ever learned math by watching a video OR by reading […]

Alternate definitions of technology

Some alternate definitions of common technology: Email: A technology through which anyone in the world can add to your to-do list.   Smartphone: A device designed to interrupt your thinking on a semi-periodic but slightly random basis with a buzzing or ringing sound, making completing lengthy tasks requiring significant concentration nearly impossible. Users can even […]

Build a better website for learning math

I’ve been thinking about what I think a truly great mathematics education website would look like. Dan and David have produced some awesome mock-ups of the future of mathematics textbooks, and I love their work, but I can think of more features I would add. There should be space available for students to ask and […]

Internet as cMOOC

I’ve noticed that my experiences in #etmooc very much parallel my learning experiences on a regular basis, except that they are now branded and slightly more focused on a different topic – connected learning. I participate in weekly chats on #mathchat whenever I have the time. I follow hundreds of blogs on mathematics education. I […]

450,728 reasons to blog

I used a tool recently which counts the number of words I’ve posted on my blog. I’ve written a total of 339,254 words on my blog (as posts and comments), and other people have written a total of 111,474 words as comments on my posts. This level of engagement and thinking has got to make […]

The future of learning

A few years ago, as an assignment for my Master’s degree, I created a video on the future of learning. I was never very happy with the quality of the final product, nor do I completely agree now with the vision I presented then. That being said, here are some of the slides I used. […]

Education reform ineptness

"If you are absolutely no good at something at all, then you lack exactly the skills that you need to know that you are absolutely no good at it." John Cleese Perhaps this is part of the reason that so many education reforms that are attempted fail so badly? Could it be that at least […]

Learning outside of school

I realized that I have done a lot of learning outside of school as a kid. Here are some examples. I took apart almost every piece of electronics we owned (except the television as I was told this was dangerous) and then put it back together, most of the time. I explored every inch of […]

A factoring success story

I covered a couple of my colleague’s classes yesterday so he could attend a math conference. The afternoon class was a somewhat boisterous grade 10 group. I was asked to teach students how to find the greatest common factor, and if I had time, introduce them to more general factoring techniques. I decided that the […]

Investigation into scoring systems

I played ultimate tonight, and we usually keep score with shoes. Our normal scoring system is to count in base 5. Tonight, I tried to use binary, but at half-time I switched back to base 5 when most of our team struggled to read our score quickly. I took some pictures of the arrangement of […]