Monthly Archives: March 2013

We cannot underestimate the importance of context

My son Timon walking My youngest son recently learned how to walk. He’s certainly not an expert by any means, but he can now toddle around for 10 to 12 steps at a time and not fall down. I noticed something strange about his walking though – he makes no effort to avoid obstacles in […]

It’s not just music

Listen to the two songs linked below, and ask yourself, is this the message we should be sending our children? After the horrible rape case in the now infamous town of Steubenville, I have been thinking about what could possibly have made this act seem justified by the boys who committed it, and […]

Ten commandments for teachers

Do not feel absolutely certain of anything. Do not think it worth while to proceed by concealing evidence, for the evidence is sure to come to light. Never try to discourage thinking for you are sure to succeed. When you meet with opposition, even if it should be from your husband or your children, endeavour […]

Migrating away from Google Reader

A few weeks ago I read someone (whom I cannot remember…) predict that Google Reader would soon disappear, and this person was right. Fortunately, I took the advice at the time and started looking into alternatives as Google just announced that Google Reader will be shut down in July. First, I exported all of my RSS […]

Learning to walk

My young son just started walking a few days ago. You can see from this video that he is still somewhat unstable but that he is able to do the essential mechanics of walking.     The thing is, he did not learn how to do this in a vaccuum. He had significant support from […]

Tutorial: Converting between different media formats with WinFF

I created this video for my colleagues who sometimes need to convert between different media formats. (Note: This is sure a lot easier than it used to be…)   You can download WinFF here. This is a free open-source program built on top of the FFmpeg program (and there is a Mac OS version here).

Become a mathematician

I posted this on Twitter a few weeks ago: Teachers of mathematics should make themselves mathematicians and explore mathematics for themselves. #mathchat #edchat — davidwees (@davidwees) February 25, 2013 In response, someone asked a very sensible question; how do I do this?   Here are some ideas. Find an area of mathematics with which you […]

Social media

(Image source: Twtrland)   The image above is a pie chart of the distribution of the types of tweets I have. Notice that the bulk of my tweets are replies. If you aren’t having discussions via the media, or not very many discussions, then it’s not really social media.

Preparing Students for an Uncertain Technological Future

I wrote this article for our parents in our school’s monthly magazine a few months ago, and realized I had not yet shared it here.   (Image credit: Will Lion) No one knows exactly what form the technology of the future will take, although there are those attempting to make predictions. Ray Kurzweil, a futurist, […]

Assessment for learning

The director of our senior school, Brad Smith, is doing a workshop today in our staff meeting on assessment for learning. He’s found the following quotes, which he wants to use in his presentation. I’m helping him edit his presentation (since I have time, and he does not), and I’m hoping to find some photos […]