I’ve been working on improving ActivePrompt, and I decided to split it off to it’s own domain. This script was originally created by Riley Lark, and I’ve been working on my own fork of his project. The new site needs some serious work on the appearance (interested in helping? Let me know), but the functionality seems pretty solid.

  • The site now requires logins for all pages except the prompts themselves.
  • When you create a prompt, it is added to your list of prompts.
  • It is also added to the gallery.
  • You can now edit and delete prompts.
  • The gallery should only show prompts that include unique pictures, rather than the gigantic number of prompts from before.

If you created prompts, they still exist, but they are not currently attributed to you. Please create an account on ActivePrompt, and email me and I’ll try and link you to your prompts manually. Include in this email:

  • Your user name on Activeprompt.org,
  • The direct link to the prompt you created (you should be able to find it in the gallery or perhaps you had the original link bookmarked).