Social media for educators

I’m going to be presenting in a couple of days for some new teachers on social media. I’ve created a presentation (see below), and I’d like some feedback on it. It’s still a work in progress, but then of course, everything is.



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  • There’s a lot packed in there. I’ve ran a couple of sessions like this and I found that few ‘got’ Twitter. I think mainly because Twitter really makes sense when you’re in it, notwithstanding the power of hashtags.

    With blogging, I ran it as a workshop. I set up a blog and posted the workshop content, which included first writing comments and then eventually actually post. I think it worked really well as they got to see what they could do as well as what others were doing.

    I also like to put in a personal spin so I don’t sound so much as an expert but a peer, more like ‘show and tell’. Maybe tell them a specific story of how you benefitted from Twitter and blogging – real examples to the benefits you listed. For example, I told them how I used my blog as a professional portfolio which helped me land my job as well as get teacher accreditation. If I ever do a workshop on this again, I will use my latest post How do we teach empathy? as an example. The inspiration came from Twitter and the content grew as blog comments came in. This was my first real experience of crowdsourcing – powerful stuff.

    Good luck on your presentation. They’re lucky to hear it from you.

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