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Disguising flash cards as a game is deceptive

I’m reading The Connected Family by Seymour Papert, and ran into a quote which I found appropriate. "…learning multiplication facts by putting flash cards on the screen is not a new way of learning math. It is a polished-up version of the old ways and promotes to greater heights their worst and most mechanical features. […]

Heading to the Computer Based Math conference in London, England

So I just got confirmation (and have paid for registration and my airfare AND found a place to stay – mostly) that I get to attend the Computer Based Math conference happening London, England on November 10th and 11th. I’m very excited about it! I’m flying out of Vancouver on Tuesday, November 8th (after being […]

Social media for educators

I’m going to be presenting in a couple of days for some new teachers on social media. I’ve created a presentation (see below), and I’d like some feedback on it. It’s still a work in progress, but then of course, everything is.  

Am I failing at social media?

(Image credit: docpopular) When I first got started with Twitter, I set up a filter so that whenever I got a notification from Twitter that someone followed me, it was sent to a special folder in my Gmail inbox. That folder now has 9581 emails in it. So 9581 times, I’ve gotten a notification that […]

New York Times article misses the point

Matt Richtel, of the New York Times, has recently written a piece on the use of technology in schools which should be read carefully. He writes: Since 2005, scores in reading and math have stagnated in Kyrene [emphasis mine], even as statewide scores have risen. To be sure, test scores can go up or down […]

Password Strength

I’m using the following xkcd comic to help the teachers at my school with their password selection.   There is also a very useful script, created by Steve Gibson, available to test how long it would take a brute force attack to figure out your password with a computer. While I don’t recommend entering any […]

ISTE 11 Tweeters

Thanks to Daniel Rezac of Edreach, there is a list of all of the tweets that happened for the ISTE (International Society of Technology in Education) conference that happened last week.  From Daniel’s spreadsheet, I’ve created a list of the 2900 people who tweeted using the #iste11 hashtag during the conference. You can download it […]

Conference planners are obselete

  I just thought I’d share some numbers around just the conference planner, which I’m picking on because it is easy to quantify, but believe me there are plenty of other examples of waste here at ISTE. The ISTE conference planner is about 110 pieces of paper. Each book is about 30 cm long by 20 […]

30 tech tools in 30 minutes

This is a presentation I created for a staff meeting tomorrow. 

The Hidden Danger of Google

Reprinted with permission from my school’s magazine, the Imprint.  I watched an interesting, but disturbing, video about a recent phenomena in the online world. You can watch the same video here. In the video, Eli Pariser makes the point that the recent trend of search engines, like Google (and Facebook) to present information for us […]