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We need social media etiquette

We need to develop social media etiquette. Some of the conversations I have seen on Twitter have been out of control rhetoric, other tweets have just contributed to the noise, and benefitted no one. During our discussion on how to make Twitter more accessible to new people, I tweeted some "rules" that if all followed, […]

What is the purpose of social media?

I’ve begun to question the use of social media. I am finding Twitter to still be a valuable tool for connecting with other educators, but over the past couple of years, I have noticed that the #edchat channel has become more and more cluttered with advertisements and links, and there appears to be less discussion […]

Profile of a phishing attempt

(Click the photo to view it larger.)   Last night, I got another one of the many direct messages I receive each day via Twitter telling me that someone has written something horrible about me. Since I was using my older computer, and I have Ubuntu installed on it, I decided to click on the […]

Actual engagement

  A Twitter user named "Distance Education" with the user name ‘onlinecourse’ has followed me 25 times. This suggests that they have also unfollowed me at least 24 times. This kind of behaviour I’ve heard called ‘follower-churn.’ I may have accidentally unfollowed someone, and then followed them back. I certainly haven’t been using this to […]

New #BCed chat: What is the relationship between assessment and learning?

On this coming Monday night, from 7pm to 8pm PST, Mr. Wejr and myself are planning a Twitter discussion about the relationship between assessment and learning. The topic is fairly broad, and should allow for anyone interested in assessment to participate.  Make sure to use the #BCed hashtags in your tweets if you are participating, […]

Social media for educators

I’m going to be presenting in a couple of days for some new teachers on social media. I’ve created a presentation (see below), and I’d like some feedback on it. It’s still a work in progress, but then of course, everything is.  

Am I failing at social media?

(Image credit: docpopular) When I first got started with Twitter, I set up a filter so that whenever I got a notification from Twitter that someone followed me, it was sent to a special folder in my Gmail inbox. That folder now has 9581 emails in it. So 9581 times, I’ve gotten a notification that […]

Eight Videos to Help Teachers Get Started Using Twitter

Here are eight videos to help teachers get started with using Twitter. The idea for these videos is to make them short and to the point and provide specific instructions on how teachers can use Twitter. How to sign up for Twitter Verifying your email account with Twitter Customizing your profile on Twitter How does […]

You might be a hardcore Twitter user if

You might be a hardcore Twitter user if: you look at 2000 followers as "getting started" you think 5,000 tweets was a long time ago you’ve ever tweeted with people in the same room as you (conferences don’t count) you’ve considered unfollowing your partner because "they don’t post enough useful stuff" you’ve ever spent 24 […]

Using #edchat to take action

Today’s #edchat on Twitter was about how we can break free of the echo chamber that is #edchat.  We all have great ideas, but how can we turn those great ideas into action?  Our objective is not to stop our great conversations but to also move beyond our conversations into concrete action. Here’s a great […]