Learning Origami

Origami swan

I started learning origami again this past weekend. So far I’ve built a swan, and a couple of paper airplanes that are more advanced than what I usually make but none of it has been particularly complicated to make. I’ve often thought that origami would be a fun hobby, but that I wouldn’t find much use for it in my teaching.

Today, I watched a TED talk (thanks to @BobbycSmith for sharing it with me today) that definitely changed my mind. Origami is way up there now on my list of things I need to learn.



  • Dude! This is awesome! I’m putting together a pitch for TV about this. Thanks for sharing the TED video. That will help!

  • When I taught elementary I attended a training and bought the book for teaching math using origami. Fractions and geometry, and it was fun.

  • I have long been a fan of origami, ever since my family played host to a Japanese family that was visiting America for a year. They had kids my age (2nd grade), and although we couldn’t understand each other in the beginning, they taught me basic origami. I have been folding on and off ever since.

    There’s lots of great stuff that you can learn from practicing the ancient art of paper-folding, from patience to much more complex lessons in visualization.

  • Dave, prepare to have your mind blown. Rent “Between the Folds”. There’s a preview at Green Fuse Films. You will not be disappointed. Tell me later how you jaw hits the floor 🙂

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