Monthly Archives: March 2012

Another alternative to the traditional conference

(A typical conference presentation – Image credit: Emmanuelvivier)   I’d like to propose an alternative to the typical conference model. Chris Wejr got me thinking after he sent me a message suggesting that we host a conference sometime in 2013 that he called a ‘hybrid conference’ and this post by John Burk also influenced my thinking […]

Math in the real world: Gardening

My uncle called me today, and asked me a math question. Normally, I get called and asked technology related questions, but occasionally people remember that I have a mathematics background and call me in to assist. My aunt wants to build a raised garden bed with a very particular shape. My uncle has been tasked […]

We need social media etiquette

We need to develop social media etiquette. Some of the conversations I have seen on Twitter have been out of control rhetoric, other tweets have just contributed to the noise, and benefitted no one. During our discussion on how to make Twitter more accessible to new people, I tweeted some "rules" that if all followed, […]

Intuition and research

There are a number of things which have been discovered over the years through research which are not entirely intuitive. In fact, many of the results that have been discovered are down-right odd.   If you pay people to perform simple, routine tasks, in general the more you pay the person, the better they perform. […]

Rethinking the standard school schedule

I just read an interesting article on the Salon about how long work weeks produce lower quality work, and that it seems that about 40 hours a week is when the maximum productivity occurs. Of course if this applies to workers, then it presumably (or a similar number) applies to students as well. So an […]

Copyright for Canadian Educators

I’ve created a brief presentation on copyright which simplifies (perhaps too much?) copyright for teachers. Please give me some feedback on this presentation before I use it with my colleagues. Note: These tips on copyright only apply to Canadian educators as copyright rules are specific to each country. For example, Canada has no "fair use" […]

Articles I’ve written on Math Education

Here is a list of some of the articles I’ve written on Math Education On Mathematics education reform: 8 alternatives to traditional mathematics education New Math equals trouble, education expert says A fundamental flaw in mathematics education I tried the Khan Academy Mathematics education: a way forward If we taught carpentry like we teach mathematics… […]

How does technology affect us?

I’m presenting this morning to our 5th grade students on technology. My objective is to get them thinking about how we define technology, and how in some cases, technology defines us.