Monthly Archives: February 2012

Let them solve the problem

When I came in this morning to school, the poster in the photo above had fallen down. I noticed it, and thought to myself, "I should fix that." I went and dropped off my stuff, and when I came back to the poster, one of our students was standing there staring at the poster. He […]

Exploring matrices

I introduced matrices to my students last week. Together, we worked out the algebra necessary to find the inverse of a 2 by 2 matrix, and developed the idea of the determinant of the matrix. The algebra was hard for my students, and we focused on looking for patterns. I showed students how a matrix […]

What is the purpose of social media?

I’ve begun to question the use of social media. I am finding Twitter to still be a valuable tool for connecting with other educators, but over the past couple of years, I have noticed that the #edchat channel has become more and more cluttered with advertisements and links, and there appears to be less discussion […]

Taking advantage of the mobile nature of a mobile device

An iPhone (or any other smart phone / tablet) is a mobile computing device. Applications that are designed for a mobile computing device should take advantage of the mobile nature of the device. Too many educational (cr)apps are designed simply as better flash card systems. They rarely take advantage of the most important affordances of […]

Questions about physics from kids

My son has some questions about the world. I wonder how often these kinds of questions are asked by children? My suspicion is that almost all children ask questions like this at some point, and that how we react to their questions has a lot to do with their willingness to experiment and figure out […]

Presentation: Programming in Mathematics Class

This presentation is based in part on the TED talk Conrad Wolfram gave a couple of years ago, and on some insights gained at the Computer Based Math summit I attended in November. The below presentation is slightly abreviated to make it easier to share on the web.  

Presentation: Where is the technology?

Here are the slides for a presentation I did at the University of Alberta Technology Fair.

Profile of a phishing attempt

(Click the photo to view it larger.)   Last night, I got another one of the many direct messages I receive each day via Twitter telling me that someone has written something horrible about me. Since I was using my older computer, and I have Ubuntu installed on it, I decided to click on the […]