Copyright for Canadian Educators

I’ve created a brief presentation on copyright which simplifies (perhaps too much?) copyright for teachers. Please give me some feedback on this presentation before I use it with my colleagues. Note: These tips on copyright only apply to Canadian educators as copyright rules are specific to each country. For example, Canada has no "fair use" provision.

Update: This presentation needs to be updated with the recent changes to Canadian Copyright law. See Copyright Matters! for more accurate information.




  • I’ll try to help by putting the word out on our Twitter feed!

  • Bess Ostrovsky wrote:

    the whole idea of copy right mostly around the pocket of creators, people who have done something new, extraordinary. There is no problem of using with mentioning to whom this idea belongs. My son writes music. He sends by post the notes and the recording to himself and takes care that there will be a date stamped by post office. He is sure that how he keeps his copy right, but he would be pleased that somebody will play it with acknowledgement of who was a creator.
    We can definitely spread the word for teaching/learning purposes with remember a name of a creator.
    We have to pay, if we would use the material for merchant purposes.

  • Very well said from you Bess. I think that’s really the idea for it, but of course~ some times we run off with idea. Its not really good to copy though.


  • Due to recent changes in copyright in Canada, is your information above still accurate. I am sharing this with teachers and want to ensure that I am giving them the most up-to-date information available.

  • David Wees wrote:

    I don’t know. Do you have a link to these new guidelines? I’m certainly willing to compare them to what I know already and look to see how the changes impact educators.

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