Monthly Archives: January 2012

Exploring multi-user online text spaces for collaborative game building

(Screenshot from the opening screen of Arctic MUD) I have a confession to make. When I was in university for my first degree, I spent way too much time playing games, and not as much time as I should have on my studies. One of the games I played was called a multi-user dungeon (or MUD). […]

On the evolution of schools

Wired Magazine recently reported an interesting story about a study suggesting that massive changes in the size of a species could taker as long as 24 million generations to occur. This process is very slow, and part of the reason it takes so long is that there is no one directing the evolution of the […]

Where is the technology?

The following is an excerpt from a keynote I will be giving on February 13th for the University of Alberta.   There is a technology our students use that is destroying their ability to learn actual mathematics. This technology is so advanced that you can use it to find any formula. In fact, almost all […]

Do iPads improve mathematics instruction? Maybe

(Image source: MindShift blog) Stephen Downes just shared this study suggesting that students see a 20% improvement in their test scores on their state exam after using an iPad loaded with HMH Fuse. I am a supporter for using technology in mathematics education, but it’s probably worth examining these results closer. Here are some quotes […]

Apple iPad textbooks

So as expected, Apple announced their new textbooks for the iPad. Looking over the specs and what is possible to create with the iPad, it doesn’t look like they’ve offered a complete set of features for their book, but buried in their authoring features is the ability to embed HTML widgets into pages. There are […]

Edcamp weekend

I attended Edcamp Delta this past weekend. On the same weekend, Edcamp SD43 occurred in Port Coquitlam. Both Edcamp events had a fair number of people, which is a fairly impressive draw for a Saturday professional learning session that no one is forced to go to. The sessions were heavily tweeted about. Here is the […]

5 little monkeys

At Edcamp Delta, Brad shared the following parable with me. In the parable, researchers supposedly put 5 monkeys together in a cage, and in the cage there were some steps leading to some bananas. Whenever any of the monkeys would start to go up the steps to get a banana however, the hypothetical researchers would spray all […]

I could use some help

I’ve been invited to do a keynote on the topic of educational technology for the University of Alberta at their Technology Fair for their student teachers and education faculty on February 13th. See for details on this conference. I’m working on the keynote, and I could use some feedback. There are aspects of what […]

Are teachers overpaid?

Two authors of a controversial paper from the Heritage Foundation suggest that teachers are overpaid for their efforts. Here is my response. The US economy dropped by 15.6% in 2009 for a total loss of $2, 342, 400, 000, 000. The people responsible for this disaster to the economy almost all received million dollar bonuses for their […]

Is my son a writer?

This is a list my son created of things he wanted to make sure he got done for the day.   Does this make my son a writer? Is it more important that he is attempting to use text to get out his thoughts? Or is it more important that I help him correct the […]