Ways to use technology in math class

Here are some ways you can use technology in your math class which are more interesting and innovative than using an interactive white board or having students watch instructional videos. Note that these ideas are all examples of potential student uses of technology.

Students could:


Any other suggestions of ways students can use technology in order to improve their mathematical reasoning?


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  • How about these?

    Using Desmos.com, students can model using a free online graphing calculator. Not only that, but the Desmos team is incredible. (also for iPad now)

    For the iPad:

    Use ThingLink (Free) to embed images, text, or video onto an image to explain models

    Use Aurasma to create auras that bring static text to life with videos. Great for differentiation or support

    Use TouchCast to create interactive videos as part of a flipped model or just to have students demonstrate their learning

    Use MyScript Calculator as a freehand calculator. At first, my kids were rough with it, but now use it all the time!

    Use QR codes to “hide” content and have students discover the material. Create a QR code for just about anything.

    Honestly, there are others, but you’ve done a solid job. Just thought I’d add a few!

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