Eight Videos to Help Teachers Get Started Using Twitter

Here are eight videos to help teachers get started with using Twitter. The idea for these videos is to make them short and to the point and provide specific instructions on how teachers can use Twitter.

How to sign up for Twitter

Verifying your email account with Twitter

Customizing your profile on Twitter

How does Twitter work?

Installing Tweetdeck

Customizing Tweetdeck

Finding people to follow on Twitter

Participating on Twitter




  • amy_stephenson wrote:

    Thanks David – this is a fantastic resource for getting the most out of Twitter! TweetDeck is exactly what I needed as a newbie thinking “How do I keep track of all this?” and the search function for finding people adn interests a huge help.

  • Anonymous wrote:

    Can you do some video’s to show how to use Hootsuite?

  • David Wees wrote:

    I’ve tried Hootsuite, but not used it myself. I could look around to see if anyone has posted any videos explaining how to use it though.

  • Thanks for sharing this David. Excellent!

  • Thanks for the Twitter tutorial!

  • Androidified wrote:

    It really helps, not all teachers knows how to use internet properly these days!


  • These are great simple videos to introduce twitter to teachers.
    One thing I see missing is how to write a tweet that is directed to a hashtag or one of your twitter followers or to someone you are following. Another plus would be to show how to shorten a URL to include in a tweet.

  • Jeffrey Zarr wrote:

    Absolutely fantastic intro to Twitter. It’s obvious you are a teacher, a gifted one,

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