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Research on word processors in student writing

I was looking for research on whether word processors are effective when students are learning to write. So far the research is supportive, but I can’t find any research done recently. I suspect there must be research that is current and supports students using word processors. Please let me know if you have any research […]

Student brings typewriter to class

In this video, shared with me by Philip Moscovitch, a student has brought a type-writer into class. Is this perhaps, as Philip suggested, a protest against the use of an old pedagogy by bringing in an old technology? Does the use of a typewriter to record notes seem a bit ridiculous? Is it even more […]

Automaticity in programming and math

I’ve been learning how to program for a long time, a task that has much in common with mathematics. Both programming and mathematics involve being able to solve problems. Some of the problems in programming and mathematics have well established solutions and other problems do not. On a micro-level, programming involves manipulating code, a task […]

The language of technology

Technology has a language, a history, and it shapes our culture. While the focus of this article is on the language of technology apparent in Microsoft Word, every technology we use has similar traits.   Check out the "ribbon" (or menu bar) of Microsoft Word.   First, when you examine Microsoft Word, and many other programs […]

How does technology affect us?

I’m presenting this morning to our 5th grade students on technology. My objective is to get them thinking about how we define technology, and how in some cases, technology defines us.  

Presentation: Where is the technology?

Here are the slides for a presentation I did at the University of Alberta Technology Fair.

30 tech tools in 30 minutes

This is a presentation I created for a staff meeting tomorrow. 

Wikipedia & the Magic School bus

(Image credit: XKCD)   In many ways this comic from XKCD describes to me the dichotomy between the neo-Liberal 21st century personalized learning model, and the constructivist learning model. The Magic Bus uses an constructivist approach to learning. In each episode, Ms. Frizzle leads the students through investigations of different scientific ideas through magical field […]

Blended Learning: The Importance of Face to Face contact

Here’s a great story (shared on the Huffington post) about a student who is attending his school remotely, through a robot. Watch the video below. The robot has become a proxy for face to face communication, and this family considers face to face communication so important, they are ignoring other, probably easier, solutions for his […]

Mumbo Jumbo

Algebra is just mumbo jumbo to most people. Seriously. If you asked 100 high school graduates to explain how algebra works, and why it works, I’d guess that 99% of them couldn’t, not in sufficient detail to show that they really deeply understand it. Remember that I am talking about high school graduates, so these […]