Student brings typewriter to class

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In this video, shared with me by Philip Moscovitch, a student has brought a type-writer into class. Is this perhaps, as Philip suggested, a protest against the use of an old pedagogy by bringing in an old technology? Does the use of a typewriter to record notes seem a bit ridiculous? Is it even more ridiculous that the student, as he states at the end of the video, can download the notes for the course?

A well motivated, literate student can learn as much or more from a good set of notes (or a decent textbook) for a course. Why come to class at all if all that is going to happen is a repetition of the notes?



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  • Anonymous wrote:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s much more to this story than just the video. It does suggest some kind of protest – perhaps he was taking notes on his iPad and the teacher told him it wasn’t an appropriate device for note-taking and he needed to use something more traditional? hehe.

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