Seven Questions from My Son

Here are seven questions my son asked today.

  • Who invented buildings?
  • Why don’t we slip on salt?
  • When you hold your eyes closed does more water get on the eyeballs than just blinking?
  • Why do hummingbirds move so fast?
  • Why are butterflies so pretty?
  • How did we get the name “people”?
  • Why do bees hum?


Kids are scientists. My job with my son is to teach how to answer his own questions.




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  • Anh Nguyen wrote:

    I really like seven questions from your son, Mr.David. When I was a kid, I never asked anybody questiones like that. Your child is intelligent. He wants to know how everything happened and why it happened that way. From those questions, I think your child is like and interesting in science. Asking question is a good way for kids to learn and the hints for parents to know what their kids  interesting in. From that, parents can easily understand and support for their child to learn what they like. 

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