Presentation: Social Media for Parents – Updated

I’ve updated my presentation on social media, aimed at a parent audience (although I’m sure it could be used with educators just as easily). Embedded below. Note: The first few slides, up to slide 39, are intended to be shared fairly rapidly, to create a sense of overload in the viewer.



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  • Love the images, especially the head in the sand and the butterfly being released. Great assortment of webtools as well. Thanks for sharing!

  • David Wees wrote:

    Thank you. The point of sharing all of these tools is to demonstrate how many possible social networks there are, and the futility of trying to keep up with all of them in an effort to monitor every instant of our children’s behaviour online.

  • Hi david,
    Thank You.
    Lovely gathering of some of the social media out there. My own experience of teenagers (3) and and trying to do something and building a wall of math (Aftermath) is that parents are so far behind the curve of what their children are capable of online that it is a lost cause. Teenagers eat their parents for breakfast when it comes to technology. My favorite story is the mother who participated in our pre beta tests and we could not get the software to install on her home PC. We quizzed her as to the steps she had taken after purchasing it. She admitted to having given it to her children to set up……….The brats had made themselves all Administrators and their mother a Guest!!!!

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