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Presentation: Social Media for Parents – Updated

I’ve updated my presentation on social media, aimed at a parent audience (although I’m sure it could be used with educators just as easily). Embedded below. Note: The first few slides, up to slide 39, are intended to be shared fairly rapidly, to create a sense of overload in the viewer.     (Viewing this […]

Where will all the educational technologists go?

In the not too distant future, there will no educational technologists. That is, there will eventually be no people who specialize primarily in teaching other people how to use technology. The reason why we have educational technologists now is that the rate of change of technology is so high that many people struggle to keep […]

Mindshare Learn summit in Toronto

Yesterday I participated in the Mindshare Learning summit that happened at York University in Toronto. With only one exception, the talks and panels were very interesting, and I was pleased that almost no one said, "we need to prepare students for the needs of industry." Here is the summary of the tweets for the day. […]

Learning specialist in technology

This morning I had a great discussion with the director of the IB Primary Years Program at my school.  We talked about my role for next year, and what ways I could help his staff become more comfortable using technology.  My title for next year is "Learning specialist: Technology" which is pretty broadly defined, and […]