During the Digital Learning conference this year, I ran a workshop on "Multimedia in the Mathematics Classroom" (warning large file) which was a huge hit. I started by giving a presenting giving answers to why one would want to use multimedia in math, what does it look like, and what tools I use to actually construct the multimedia with students.

I started the second part of the workshop and gave the participants a chance to escape if they did not feel like participating. I handed out Flip cameras, and gave the very lose instructions, "Create a math video word problem." Some people left the session right away, but about 20 people stayed and worked on videos, while I circulated around the room and helped trouble-shoot.

Here are three of the videos created by the participants in about 40 minutes. A fourth video was created by another group but due to technical issues, we just shared it during the session.

(Note: If you are in one of these videos, and uncomfortable being shared online, let me know via the contact form, and I’ll take down the video.)