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Images to make one think about technology

Here are some images I’m collecting for future presentations on technology. Each of the images is intended to ask a question, and to have people reflect on their own use of technology, and our society’s use of technology.


Technology transforms us
(Image credit: Andy Hooper)



(Image credit: Wikipedia)



Laptops in schools
(Image credit: T Coffey)


TV Sunset
(Image credit: Michael Leung)


People texting instead of talking
(Image credit: Susan Sermoneta)


Cars on a highway
(Image credit: Dom Nozzi)


Kids playing games outside
(Image credit: Geek of the day)


Volvo and IKEA
(Image credit: Erik Johansson)


MRI machine
(Image credit: Daniel Martin Reina)


If you have any other images of various technologies that you think require their viewer to ask questions (or which easily lead to questions), please share them with me.