I have seen a number of people post reviews of their year in 2012, and it led me to review my own year, and here are some of the insights I had.



Most popular posts of 2012

  1. Do iPads improve mathematics instruction? Maybe. (6938 reads)
  2. Children are not railroad cars. (6775 reads)
  3. We need social media etiquette. (5116 reads)
  4. Profile of a phishing attempt. (4500 reads)
  5. The difference between relational and instrumental understanding. (4355 reads)




Other stuff

  1. According to my server statistics, I had over 1.7 million hits on my website in December, of which the vast majority were blocked attempts to post spam on this blog.
  2. Google Analytics suggests that a more accurate number of unique visitors, excluding spammers presumably, is about 68,722 which is still significantly more than the previous year.
  3. The most popular search terms which led to my blog were "David Wees", "Purpose of Social Media", "School paper use", "Relational understanding" and "Teachers are stupid." I’m flattered that 238 people looked for my blog by searching for my name, and I’m less flattered that 123 people found my blog by searching for "teachers are stupid." I decided recently to unpublish the post that was getting all of the hits for "teachers are stupid." I’m not sure I want to own that particular search term.
  4. I started a dual role this year at my school, both working on our use of educational technology and supporting our teaching of mathematics. I love my job and am looking forward to the rest of the school year.
  5. I attended 7 conferences during the year and presented 13 times (externally to my school).
  6. I spent much more time with my family in 2012.