Monthly Archives: November 2012

Take nothing for granted

(Image credit: Altaf Qadri) MSNBC shared this story a few days, and it truly is inspiring. Look at the careful attention of these boys. It reminds me that while I’m working hard to try and improve mathematics education, there are many people in the world who receive no formal education what-so-ever but are desperate for […]

Simplified e-portfolios for young kids

I’ve been hoping to implement e-portfolios for students from k to 12 at my school for a while, but have always run into a stumbling block – how I can simplify the process at the k-5 stage so that it is easy (ideally for our students to do themselves) and not too time-consuming for our teachers. […]

Internet filters should be in our students’ heads

During #EdcampLBC, I tweeted out the following: I’m in favor of internet filters. I just want to move them from the router to my students’ heads. #edcamplbc — davidwees (@davidwees) November 17, 2012 To be clear, at a young age I think internet filters are necessary, and in a k to 12 setting it is […]

A math question

I’m working on a system where students will be able to post their non-digital work directly from a scanning station to their eportfolio blog. I want to make the system simple enough that young kids can potentially use it themselves (and ask our teachers to review the portfolios of our students periodically). To this end, […]

Different multiplication strategies

I’m investigation possible models for learning multiplication. Below there are 7 possible models or algorithms. I’d like to know if you know of more models. I’ve found 12 different models for understanding/doing multiplication over at Natural Math, but have not found explanations of all of these that I can easily share. Interestingly enough, many of […]

Connected Leadership

I’ve put together this presentation as a conversation starter for tomorrow’s Edcamp Leadership conference. What do you think the implications of these changes in our society are for educational leaders?  

Internet safety

I’ve created the following presentation to use as a conversation starter with our grade 8 and 9 students. The objective is to have a discussion about the Internet and safety. I am framing the conversation with the idea that our non-digital selves co-exist with our digital selves, and that non-digital citizenship and digital citizenship are […]