Monthly Archives: October 2012

Math activities for a measurement unit

Our 3rd grade students will be doing a unit on measurement soon. These are the specific standards for the measurement unit that we hope to address. I’ve been asked to brainstorm some activities for students in this unit which can be extended or modified to meet the needs of a wide range of learners.   […]

Resources for mathematics enrichment

I’m currently putting together a list of resources for our elementary school teachers to use to enrich their mathematics classrooms. Our basic philosophy is to provide opportunities for all students to engage in rich mathematical tasks, and to add breadth & depth to their program of mathematical study, rather than accelerating through the British Columbia […]

Math apps

I recently realized that I have a tonne of different math mini-applications that I’ve built over the years, and I will need to take the time to catalog them at some stage (note that some of these will just not run in Internet Explorer). For now, here’s a list of the ones that might be […]

Is this a necessary use of technology?

Steve Wheeler shared this video on his blog after describing constructionist learning theory. I’m not really clear on what, if anything, this robot adds to the activity of playing Snakes & Ladders. What would be different about this activity if students had to move a marker instead of pressing buttons on the robot to get […]

Northwest Mathematics Conference resources

I’m presenting twice at the Northwest Mathematics conference, once on computers in math, and the other on programming in math. Here are my resources from the day, which you are welcome to adapt and share (for non-commercial purposes) provided you give me attribution. Despite the titles, both of these presentations are focused on the use […]

Number line activity

(Image credit: bterrycompton) I co-coached my son’s blastball team last year. We spent a lot of time playing blastball, but we also spent some time practicing some of the skills needed to be able to play (while emphasizing how these skills fit into playing the game). One of the skills we practiced was throwing and […]

Disrupting education

(Image credit: Steve Slater) I’ve read a lot of articles over the past few years about education is being disrupted. Most of these disruptions are focused on schools as systems (think financial disruption, not pedagogical disruption), not schools as ecosystems. The distinction is important. I’d like education to be disrupted as well, but I think […]

Email confirmations from Google Forms

Update: This doesn’t work anymore. Instead, make a copy of this spreadsheet and then look at the associated script to see how it needs to be updated.   Our junior school is using Google forms as a sign-up system for our parents for co-curricular activities. This way we can automate the sign-up process, and use […]

Programming for kids

I was recently asked about some programming environments I’ve used with students, and I thought I might as well compile a list of them, as well as some environments I’ve considered using. Younger students: Blockly (Image credit: Blockly Blockly is an open-source online programming environment developed by Google. It is currently very much a work in progress, […]

Evaluating the Mathematical Thinking MOOC

I’ve been participating in Keith Devlin’s "Mathematical Thinking MOOC" hosted by Coursera. The purpose of my participation has been to evaluate the MOOC as a learning environment for my students. I want to see if we can find ways to bridge the gap between the type of thinking required for my students to be successful […]