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Copyright in Canada

Introduction My colleague and I presented last night to the rest of our colleagues about copyright. We spoke about the state of copyright in Canada, and what implications this has on our classroom teaching & learning. This is the presentation we used. Unfortunately, an article by Larry Kuehn suggested to us that some of what […]

Talks that inspire change in schools

I was recently asked to share some talks which might inspire parents who have come from a traditional schooling system to think differently about how schools should be operated. Here is my list (please feel free to add your own in the comments below as I am sure I have missed some gems out there).

KT Pirquet on Homework in Math

The following was shared to me and I felt it deserved a wider audience, so with permission of the author, I am sharing it here. The author has asked me to point out that this writing is copyrighted by her, and that permission is required from her if you wish to copy it or publish […]