Monthly Archives: June 2011

I need to rethink my practices

I got paid the highest compliment one can get from a fellow teacher after my presentation at ISTE Unplugged. "I know I’ll be changing some of my teaching decisions." Tom Grant After reading many posts on standards based grading, it seems clear to me that I too need to change my assessment practices. I need […]

Educational jargon I don’t get

Here is a list of education jargon I don’t get for various reasons. Learning management system Learning management systems don’t manage learning. They manage resources which teachers and students use to facilitate learning experiences. Why use the phrase learning management anyway? Who should be managing the learning? Shouldn’t we hope that students should eventually be […]

Conference planners are obselete

  I just thought I’d share some numbers around just the conference planner, which I’m picking on because it is easy to quantify, but believe me there are plenty of other examples of waste here at ISTE. The ISTE conference planner is about 110 pieces of paper. Each book is about 30 cm long by 20 […]

Make it relevant or engaging, or don’t teach it

What you teach should either have relevance in your students lives, either now or in their future, or it should be engaging. If neither of those is true, don’t teach it.

Graph theory applied to leadership

The orange circle represents the leader of the school, the lines between the circles represent the relationships between people. Which school would you rather work in?                                                           […]

How many full time teachers could we have hired?

I was talking to Diane Laufenberg this afternoon, and we got on the subject of wasted money being spent in society. I had the idea that we should start a new meme. Basically, you take a public project, like this monstrous mistake for example, and equate the cost of the project to how many teachers […]

Program or be Programmed

Thanks to @ChadSansing for sharing this video with us during the National Writing Project Hackjam today. We need to teach kids to program their lives, instead of being programmed. Watch this video, and you’ll understand what I mean.

Hacking Bill Gates – What I wish he was tweeting

Using Mozilla’s Hackasaurus Goggles, I’ve revised Bill Gates tweets so that he is posting the stuff I’d like to see him posting. Read his (edited) tweets carefully…

What is a hacker?

As part of the National Writing Project Hackjam at SLA today, we were asked to describe what we thought a hacker was. I decided to "hack the activity’ a bit, and I crowd-sourced the project. The above montage is what was created. 

Science Leadership Academy

It’s not obvious from this picture, but the Science Leadership Academy is not a fancy looking building. It’s also not a very large building, and when I walked inside the building, I didn’t feel like I was in an amazing place. The open learning spaces were an interesting feature, but are certainly not unique to […]