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Day: May 9, 2011

TEDxKIDS@BC – Call for speakers


As some of you may know, I’m on the TEDxKIDS@BC organizing team, in the community section of the organization. We are looking for speakers for our event, which will be happening on the 17th of September, at the Roundhouse in Vancouver. The speakers can be of any age, adult or kids, but they should ideally have a story which appeals to kids. We’d be happy with a 5 year old with an interesting story about an experience they’ve had, or a 75 year old who can give an engaging experience about either their work with kids, or their own childhood.

Think of people like Adora Svitak, who are highly engaging speakers who have stories that need to be heard.

We also need exposure for our event, so that we can find sponsors for the event, and promote the event in Vancouver, particularly outside of the digital community. 

You can add suggestions for either speakers or entertainers here in our open nomination page. You can also add any press or media contacts you have here.

Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”

Eli Pariser makes a great point about the dangers inherent in online "filter bubbles."

I have a thought. Perhaps there should be someone in our student’s lives whose job it is to make sure that students are aware of divergent points of view, and the danger inherent in not seeking alternative explanations of reality to what is easily handed to us. Students should know that they are forming these search bubbles around themselves, and be given options for circumventing them to find other perspectives.

I wonder who could do ensure this happens for our students? Any ideas on who should help students avoid living entirely inside these Internet filter bubbles?