Monthly Archives: April 2011

Donor’s Choose for Global Education

I just sent off this email to someone in the UNESCO office for Global education. What do you think? Hi there, I have an idea which I would like to share. There is a website called Donor’s Choose, which lets people choose funding for education projects sponsored by teachers all over the United States. It’s been […]

I teach kids, not subjects

I listened to a podcast recently where a teacher made the claim that his job is to teach chemistry, not values, and I would argue that if this was really the case, he is failing at his job. If we think of values as being a set of cultural norms, then it is easy to […]

A constructivist approach to symbolic logic

First, some background. Symbolic logic is a way of taking ordinary sentences, and turning them into mathematical statements, and then examining the truth value of the sentences by working in the symbolic form. An example of a complex argument which was completed using almost all symbolic logic, see Gödel’s theorem. Normally when I teach symbolic logic, […]

Richard Feynman on Education in Brazil

Richard Feynman writes: …. The lecture hall was full. I started out by defining science as an understanding of the behavior of nature. Then I asked, “What is a good reason for teaching science? Of course, no country can consider itself civilized unless… yak, yak, yak.” They were all sitting there nodding, because I know […]

Electronic Textbook reader

I’m in contact with a company called Active Textbook which aims to produce an electronic reader and a platform for sharing pre-existing content in web ready format. Currently their technology uses Microsoft Silverlight (use Moonlight beta on a Mac) but I asked about moving to HTML 5 and the company spokesperson said that this is […]

What does math in the real world actually look like?

This is a great video from the Alberta Ministry of Education. I definitely see it as explaining the purpose of mathematics in a way that kids can understand. I also think it gives mathematics educators something to think about when they watch it. Have they done enough to embed what they are teaching in contexts […]

TED application – Math in the real world

I saw on the TED blog that they were accepting applications to do a TED talk in May in Long Beach, so I thought that it was worth trying to create a video application. This isn’t the most amount outstanding video I’ve created, but give me a break, I had limited time. 🙂   Here’s an idea: […]

Transformation of education through communication

If you look at every major change in our society, you will find that communication between individuals was instrumental to the change, and that in many cases, a change in how communication occurred between individuals precipitated the change itself. For example, the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, and the current revolution in Libya are all […]

The effect of communication tools on education

It should be clear to anyone reading this that the type of tools we have for communication strongly affect how education occurs. If we examine communication tools over time, we can see two trends in our communication tools. The first is that our communication tools have evolved from more personal and intimate, to greater mass […]

Have you been cyber-bullied?

I sent out a request for responses to a cyber-bullying survey a number of weeks ago, and I’ve finally gotten around to analyzing the results. I asked two questions: "Have you been cyber-bullied?" and "What is your age?" From this chart we can see that half of the people who responded indicated that they have never been […]