Monthly Archives: December 2010

Learning through Guided Inquiry

My son has started to learn how to ski. He tried last year, and failed miserably, in fact he gave up in the first five minutes of the lesson, which ended up being a pretty expensive day for a 5 minute skiing lesson. It wasn’t his fault the lesson failed, he wasn’t ready for it. […]

Is it possible?

A couple of nights ago @PeterVogel told me (and the rest of his followers) about the transit of the ISS or International Space Station. This amazing contraption floats above us in space and is manned all the time by astronauts from eight different countries. It is has been in operation continuously for the past 10 […]

Are computers dangerous?

Socrates would definitely think that computers are dangerous. He would see them as weakening men’s minds so that the learner needs to know nothing and can rely on the box in front of them to provide all answers. After all, he thought the same thing about writing. "…this discovery of yours will create forgetfulness in […]

Finding examples of reasons to learn math is easy

Here’s an example from the maintenance committee for our housing coop. Basically, our budget was off by thousands of dollars, and we were trying to figure out why. The explanation is below in the screen-shot I took of our email exchange. "What a difference a dot makes." Finding examples for using mathematics in the real […]

Essential tools I use for teaching mathematics

I’ve moved country a fair number of times and had to bring my teaching supplies with me. I started collecting my own supplies when I taught in NYC, and my collection has grown over the years. What follows are some of the essential tools I use when teaching middle school and high school mathematics.   […]

Technology Scavenger Hunt

I’ve created a scavenger hunt. The idea is that each clue is embedded in some technology which you will have to solve. Some of the clues are very hard, some of them are easy. Start at and watch the first clue. Merry Christmas to all of you technology geeks out there that will enjoy […]

How is Stratford Hall using technology?

Reposted with permission from my school’s monthly magazine, the Imprint. How is Stratford Hall Using Technology? We are in the middle of an exciting transformation this year. During the past month alone, I noticed teachers and students using video cameras, podcasting radio plays, working collaboratively via Google Docs, blogging, tweeting, and using some of the […]

Mathematical problem solving

Today I decided to record the process of solving a mathematical puzzle I found at the Project Euler website, in an effort to try and begin to analyze the problem solving techniques I use. My interest here is mostly in how the process unfolds, and the skills I use to solve these problems, rather than […]

Playing to learn?

First watch this fantastic presentation by @busyness girl. Playing to Learn? on Prezi Okay, nuff said. Play is so important in learning and so little of it happens in schools. As a math teacher I do try and incorporate games into the lessons as much as possible, but recognize that the curriculum I’m supposed to […]

A Vision for 21st Century Education

The BC government just released a report from the Premier’s Technology Council (PTC) on the future of education in British Columbia which is a fantastic read. It’s like someone took the conversations we have on #edchat on Twitter and bottled it up into an official report. The report starts with discussing the needs of a […]