Monthly Archives: November 2010

All children have talents

This is a video that was shared with me of an autistic child I know singing. He doesn’t have as large a vocabulary yet compared to other children his age but he listens to a lot of music and loves it. I’ve listened to a few children sing at this age, and while most of […]

Clickers in the classroom

My school recently purchased two class sets of clickers which have already started seeing use in the classroom, mostly with teachers who were part of the trial last year. My thought? They will probably change how I teach as the amount of authentic feedback I can get back from students can be greatly increased, especially […]

For whom are Interactive White boards Interactive?

I get asked a fair bit, are interactive white boards (IWB) a worthwhile investment for schools? The answer I have to say, is no. To follow my reasoning, first ask the question for whom are they interactive? They seem like they are interactive for teachers. They give the teacher the opportunity to interact with material […]

If you think you know something, you should quit

I just watched @Nardwuar at #TEDxVancouver. He is amazing, and I can’t believe I had never heard of him before. What an inspiration! Nardwuar is a citizen journalist who interviews music stars and politicians. He has a couple of suggestions for life which he shared which I think are excellent advice. Just ask. Don’t be afraid […]

I’ve got him hooked on science

I did two very simple experiments with my four year old son yesterday. Actually, I set up the experiments, showed him how to do them, and let him run them. The first experiment was the classic mixing of baking soda and vinegar. I gave him three bowls, one with baking soda, one with vinegar, and […]

Jose had 100% attendance

I had a student, let’s call him Jose, who had 100% attendance all the way through school. He attended almost all of his classes, he participated in class discussions, he did everything he could to understand and learn what we were teaching. Jose worked very hard, at least during class, and always made sure to […]

Need help with a student project

Hi all, I need help with a student project. I have a student who wants to look at the relationship between how fast someone is going, and the time it takes them to stop on a long board (a type of skateboard). It’s pretty easy for you, just share the following link with your students: […]

How can we use social media as a tool?

Article directed at our school’s parent population, reposted with permission from my school’s monthly magazine, The Imprint   Twitter is what is known as a micro-blogging site and social media tool. The idea is that each person that signs up has the ability to post short messages of no more than 140 characters to the service, […]

Voices for Reform

If you don’t have time to blog about reform, just add your voice to the Voicethread below and answer a simple question: What do YOU think should be done about reform. (original photo by Aussiegall)

Reform Through Action

Today I participated in an event which was held simultaneously held in 16 other cities around the world organized by and the Vancouver Public Space Network.  On a very cold day in Vancouver, we headed to David Lam park and stood around a field holding green umbrellas. We arrived early in the morning and draped […]