A couple of nights ago @PeterVogel told me (and the rest of his followers) about the transit of the ISS or International Space Station. This amazing contraption floats above us in space and is manned all the time by astronauts from eight different countries. It is has been in operation continuously for the past 10 years, and has had 196 different individuals float around our world in it. It is a marvel.

My son and I went outside at 5:33pm as per Mr. Vogel’s instructions, and looked toward the South. Up in the sky we saw what looked like a star shooting zipping across the sky. It was moving fast, faster than any airplane could possibly move. We hollered and everyone else in the house came out and took a brief look. Honestly, it looks like a light moving across the sky, it’s not that thrilling, except when you remember what it actually is.

The ISS is a marvel of our world. It is a reminder of what is possible when you put the resources into a project and let lose the engine of human ingenuity. It is amazing. It allows humans to survive in an environment so hostile, nothing quite like it exists on Earth itself.

It was also a good reminder to me that our world has problems, but equally that we are able as a species to solve these problems. The problem of the educational transformation we require to continue to make our education systems relevant is a complex and difficult problem. It will require the cooperation of many different countries and possibly millions of individuals to make it happen, but it will happen, we will resolve this educational crisis.

I know we will because we built the International Space Station. If we can do that, we can solve any problem.