I’ve created a scavenger hunt. The idea is that each clue is embedded in some technology which you will have to solve. Some of the clues are very hard, some of them are easy. Start at https://davidwees.com/scavengerhunt/start and watch the first clue.

Merry Christmas to all of you technology geeks out there that will enjoy doing this. Feel free to share this scavenger hunt with others or to reuse the idea at your own school. Comment below if you think there are any errors or problems with the scavenger hunt, or if you have ideas for how to improve it. One immediate thought is that we could create a bigger scavenger hunt and host the clues all over the web…

Note: I’m unable to make all of the clues accessible in this scavenger hunt. Please work with a partner if you are unable to access a particular clue with your screen-reader.