I’m posting this to publicly nominate some efforts for the Edublog awards.

Best group blog: Cooperative catalyst
This group blog has really helped me start to transform my practice. The in depth conversations which happen for each post are awesome, and I wish more blogs could discussions like this one rather than a series of rants. I should probably not include this blog as some of my own entries and comments are on it, but the work this group has done has been so valuable, I can’t not nominate it, even if it doesn’t "count". The work I’ve done has been very minor, but the work the collective has done has been amazing and I want to publicly acknowledge their effort.

Most influential blog post: My son is gay
This blog post has generated over 44,000 comments and 3 million hits as of the posting this nomination. The topic, which is not controversial in my opinion (I’m in 100% agreement of the poster), has ignited a firestorm of discussion about an important issue.

Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion: #edchat
As usual #edchat has been a great place for educators to meet online and discuss issues.

Lifetime achievement: Sir Ken Robinson
Sir Ken Robinson has done more to promote the cause of transformation of education than anyone I know. His TED talk has been seen by millions of educators and has sparked conversations all over the world.