Here are 20 ways you can use video creation with your students in your classroom. 

1. Have students video tape themselves playing sports and use the video to analyze their performance.

2. Have a guest student just checking out your school (we have this a lot at our school). Make them the school reporter and pass them the video camera or have them interview you.

3. Have your students create video word problems for math or science.

4. Record footage of something in motion and analyze the footage to determine the physics of the motion.

5. Record your lesson and share it with students later. You could also pre-record your lesson and assign the video as homework so you have more time for guided practice in class.

6. Have students record a tutorial from a topic for your class.

7. Have students present research or the result of an experiment through a video presentation.

8. Student created documentary of another process, like getting ready to perform a play.

9. Have students create video reflections or journals.

10. Try a fresh approach to the boring book review.

11. Have students create a story and narrate/act it out. Record what results!

12. Have your students record their creative writing or poetry.

13. Create a music video.

14. Record your class doing a debate about a real life topic (like educational reform for example).

15. uStream your classroom (for example so that students who are at home ill can still participate).

16. Invite a guest speaker into your classroom, from anywhere in the world, via Skype.

17. Set up live streaming from your classroom and let your colleagues in another room observe you and give you feedback.

18. Set up live streaming from your classroom and invite the parents of your students to see what you do in the classroom (not for the faint of heart!).

19. Show a demonstration of something which would otherwise be extremely difficult to find in a classroom.

20. Let your students explore their creative side and produce a video that summarizes (in a catchy way ideally) what they’ve learned about a subject. Call this the summative assessment for that unit.

Please add any other suggestions you have to the comments (or even better help me find examples of the last 6 ideas).