Monthly Archives: September 2010

A bunch of Math games

@joe_bower said he was looking for some decent math games online and couldn’t find any. I remembered that I used to make math games all the time so I fired off a bunch of links back. I decided it was worth gathering all those links into one spot. Who knows, maybe some of these old […]

A Day in the Life of a Student

You wake up in the morning earlier than you want to. You try and struggle to stay asleep but your parents come into your private space and nag you constantly until you get up. Wearily you get up and get dressed in your school approved clothing.  If you still have time you munch down some […]

Why mass teacher evaluation systems are flawed

There are lots of enormous flaws at the root of the current effort to evaluate teachers across the US. We could talk about how each teacher serves a much different population, or how the resources which are provided to each teacher are different because of the wealth of their educational community, or how a poor […]

Participate, don’t reparticipate

I have to tell you a pet peeve of mine. It’s people who retweet all day long and never add anything of their own thoughts to my Twitter stream. I use this fun tool called Twit Cleaner and it happily allows me to find all of the people who only have retweets in their stream […]

A different way to do parent-teacher interviews

We started a different way to do parent teacher interviews this year and upon reflection, I love it. Let me describe last year. We started with a very brief introduction to our DP and MYP programs, then sent the parents around on a wild night where they rushed through every single teacher in their schedule […]

How can you use sound in your classroom?

Here are some ideas for using sound in your classroom to help your students understand concepts through another of their senses. In Math: There’s a fun experiment you can do with students where you bounce a ball and they watch the ball bouncing and try and measure the height of the ball as it reaches […]

Post your positive experiences about school here

NBC has a new section of their Education Nation website asking people to their negative experiences about schooling. This lacks journalistic integrity in my opinion. The typical person when faced with a bunch of negative stories will assume that there are many other negative stories just like the above. The effect of this collection of […]

What’s missing?

Bill Gates thinks that a video with a nameless person showing math concepts is the future of education. He’s wrong. Here’s why. In that video there is something missing. Some major feature of learning that is completely missing from all 1800 of the videos up on the Khan Academy website. Do you know what it […]

Differentiating in Math Class Using Online Videos

I told my colleagues about the Khan Academy last week. They thought the idea of being able to access all these resources was incredibly cool. One of them today built his entire lesson around the Khan Academy videos. You see he has a class with a very wide range of abilities. Some of the students […]

Observations about the Pre-Internet generation

I’ve noticed some things about a few people I know in the Pre-Internet generation. Just sharing my thoughts here and wondering how we can help them. Note that these generalizations don’t apply to everyone in this generation, but almost never apply at all to anyone outside of it. They often double click when they should […]