Monthly Archives: August 2010

Videos About Problem Based Learning

I asked a question asking if anyone had videos explaining problem based learning or demonstrating it in practice. Within a couple of minutes I had the following responses.   @clear_mason_jar: The Avalon School in MN practices student-led PBL. Here are some resources: #edchat @cybraryman1: My Project Based Learning (PBL) page (includes rubrics, checklists): […]

The Language of Technology

I was helping out a teacher today who had been excited because he had learned how to do something new on his computer and he got stuck. He thought all of his work had been lost, so he came to me and asked for some help. It turned out it wasn’t lost, he just didn’t […]

Every educator should experience being a bad student

Last weekend my wife and I went and took the Seabus across the water in Vancouver to North Vancouver because she heard that someone was offering free Cha-cha-cha dance lessons. We were both excited on our trip over because both of us really like to dance. We brought our son because he likes to dance […]

The Death of the Amateur Mathematician

Knowledge has always been advanced in human culture based on the ideas of others. Our entire knowledge structure today is based on what we, as a species, learned in the past. Each generation learns what the previous generation already knew, and then expands upon this base of knowledge for the next generation. A problem with […]

Five recommendations for teachers

Here are some recommendations that I think, if you aren’t doing, can really impact your teaching next year.  Please post any other recommendations in the comments below. I have been using all of these (aside from #1 which I only just implemented this year) for the past few years in my own teaching practice and […]

What does the relationship between higher grades and “success” in life mean?

I’m not really worried about my students’ grades. I might only be concerned if I could establish a clear connection between the grades I assign my students, and their success later in life. I’m much more concerned that my students are successful, so this might the only reason I would change my grading practices. It’s […]

Eight Videos to Help Teachers Get Started Using Twitter

Here are eight videos to help teachers get started with using Twitter. The idea for these videos is to make them short and to the point and provide specific instructions on how teachers can use Twitter. How to sign up for Twitter Verifying your email account with Twitter Customizing your profile on Twitter How does […]

You might be a hardcore Twitter user if

You might be a hardcore Twitter user if: you look at 2000 followers as "getting started" you think 5,000 tweets was a long time ago you’ve ever tweeted with people in the same room as you (conferences don’t count) you’ve considered unfollowing your partner because "they don’t post enough useful stuff" you’ve ever spent 24 […]

Most effective teacher in my friend’s school

My friend, whom I met when I worked in an international school in Bangkok, worked in a bilingual school in Thailand before the school where I met him. He said it was an interesting job, but he was glad to be working at a school with a different emphasis. The school he worked at had […]