@joe_bower said he was looking for some decent math games online and couldn’t find any. I remembered that I used to make math games all the time so I fired off a bunch of links back. I decided it was worth gathering all those links into one spot. Who knows, maybe some of these old games are useful.

Good for teaching about perspective: Labyrinth

Gives students a feel for how fraction operations work: Fractions operations

Practice operations and solve a number puzzle: Countdown

See how simple rules result in much complexity: John Conway’s Game of Life

Practice factoring numbers & remember prime numbers: Factors!

Just a fun spaceship game (similar to Asteroids): Spaceship game

Useful for recognizing some similar fractions: Horse Races

Really just algebra practice & puzzle solving: Algebra puzzle

More of the same type as practice as above but quadratic algebra: Quadratic algebra puzzle

Look at patterns when moving rings: Towers of Hanoi

Try a variation of the classic logo programming language: Logo Programming