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Videos About Problem Based Learning

I asked a question asking if anyone had videos explaining problem based learning or demonstrating it in practice. Within a couple of minutes I had the following responses.


The Avalon School in MN practices student-led PBL. Here are some resources: #edchat

My Project Based Learning (PBL) page (includes rubrics, checklists): #edchat

@davidwees Here you go a PBL Video #edchat

@davidwees Yes – plugging my own blog, but I really love how Susan @ Akron Inventor’s School described PBL #edchat

@davidwees A great video of work we’ve done at our school which touches on some PBL themes. Teachers TV link: #edchat

@davidwees #edchat

"Complete Guide to Project-based Learning" (but links include problem-based learning, too): #edchat

I’ll check these all out more later, but looks like a great collection of PBL videos! Thanks PLN.