As part of my Masters degree, I have created a venture pitch for a project I am working on called  Our assignment was to create a pitch as if we are the CEO of an organization which is looking for venture capital.  We are essentially creating our own start up idea, and then learning how to create a pitch to market our idea.

The process has been quite fun, although I have found myself wading through problems editing the video, and getting the quality of the video high enough to make it worth watching.  I tried unsuccessfully many times to convert it into FLV format to reduce the size of the file a bit, but found the quality degraded too much to make it worthwhile.  So I gave up, and settled on both embedding the file within a page, and providing a link to download the file as an AVI.  Hopefully everyone can figure out a way to watch the pitch.  Unfortunately this means the file size is sitting just under 50 MB which is pretty large.  I’m not going to want to host this myself for too long…

The idea of my pitch is to introduce how organization of information has evolved over time and to place Pedagogle as a logical step in that process.  As I go through the pitch I introduce some benefits of Pedagogle, but am mostly focussing on the organizational benefits as I see those as the most important reasons why a teacher might want to use this resource.

On the page where my venture pitch begins, I describe some other reasons for using my service, including the fact that other people will use it which improves the pool of available resources and that your resources are automatically backed up for you, reducing the likelihood of computer malfunction costing you hundreds of hours of work.

Anyway, check out the pitch and the site, and let’s see if we can make a difference in the lives of educators.