Why educators should blog: A helpful flowchart

Flow chart for teachers. Hard to reproduce as text. Sorry!



  • Great graphic, and so true! Some ask me how I find time to blog and keep my diigo account up to date- I say it saves me time! Having my ideas and resources organized on diigo allows me to write blog posts about various topics that I can then refer people to my posts when they ask for resources. Yes, it is worth it!

  • awesome

  • Great graphic, David. I’m going to use this in my blogging workshops. I really appreciate how you tie in:

    1. The paramount issue of time and;
    2. How you address the immediate No’s. I like how you don’t stop at “you need a change” but instead offer up blogging as a way to reconnect them with their “element.” As educators, it’s so easy to disregard the disinterested but true leadership lies in actively engaging everyone within a community.

    Thanks for the post.

  • David Wees wrote:

    If you want to adjust the graphic Gino, I created it in Google Docs. I’d be happy to share the document with you if want it.

  • I was just looking at bookmarking some sites about teachers and blogging and ran across your graphic and I just have to make myself realize that I need to blog to constantly challenge myself. Is blogging the new technology of keeping a journal and having it open to those who want to share with you?

  • David Wees wrote:

    Yeah blogging is a public form of reflection which lets you keep track of what you have learned, and discuss it with other people. There are a lot of other uses, but the most important is that you can share your thoughts and feelings and other people can respond. I’ve found it has lots of side-benefits as well, but my primary reason for blogging is to get feedback on my thoughts.

  • I just saw this graphic on the Learning is Growing blog by Kathy Perret. It is very helpful. I too have saved it in my Diigo folder about blogging. It will encourage our teachers, some of whom are getting into blogging. Thanks for sharing!


  • Team Sunshine wrote:

    Super cool. You rock!

  • That is really cool! Thanks! I’ve been thinking and planning of blogging for awhile already but kept on making excuses not to.

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