What is Edcamp?

Edcamp is a (relatively) new form of professional development which is highly flexible, and based on the needs of the participants. Here is a presentation on Edcamp I’ve created to share one form of Edcamp which was used for Edcamp Vancouver last year.


Photos of Edcamp Vancouver, taken by Darren Yung.


Kristen Swanson presented on Edcamp at TEDxPhiladelphiaEd last June. Her TED talk is embedded below, and she goes into much more detail about what Edcamp can look like.



  • Victoria wrote:

    I noticed your post on Edmodo recently. I am a Langley elementary school teacher and am interested in networking with teachers who are developing WordPress.org websites for their classrooms. Is there a network of teachers in the Lower Mainland that you know – maybe through Edcamp – that network on this premise?

  • David Wees wrote:

    That’s a very interesting question, Victoria. I know of a few networks of teachers that you can may tap into to ask your question, but I don’t know them through an Edcamp.

    1. Check out #BCed and #BClearns on Twitter. If you need help getting started using Twitter see these videos, or this guide.

    2. Check out the CEETBC Ning site. There may be a group of teachers in there that are interested in discussing WordPress.

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