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Things I (almost) never use anymore

Here are some things that I either don’t use anymore, or almost never use anymore. I can remember using all of these things often, but they just don’t seem useful anymore.

The last time I burned a DVD was for a colleague at work. I think the time before that was at least a year ago.



I have a calculator on my smartphone or on my computer. I do use a graphing calculator, but only at school. Why would I want a single use device?



I don’t mail things anymore, or at least not often enough that I can remember the last time I did it.



I don’t use pencils (and I’ve never used mechanical pencils), except for attendance, or to write a quick note when my phone is out of reach.

Pencil Case


This particular Yellow pages came to our apartment unrequested a couple of months ago, and we still haven’t removed the wrapper… 

Phone book


My paper address book is totally useless to me, now that all of my contacts are online.

Address book


The only reason I listen to CDs anymore is because we take car rides, and our son likes to listen to his music. Otherwise, music I listen to is on Youtube, or on my iPhone.

Music CDs


What’s your list of things that you’ve stopped using?