Things I (almost) never use anymore

Here are some things that I either don’t use anymore, or almost never use anymore. I can remember using all of these things often, but they just don’t seem useful anymore.

The last time I burned a DVD was for a colleague at work. I think the time before that was at least a year ago.



I have a calculator on my smartphone or on my computer. I do use a graphing calculator, but only at school. Why would I want a single use device?



I don’t mail things anymore, or at least not often enough that I can remember the last time I did it.



I don’t use pencils (and I’ve never used mechanical pencils), except for attendance, or to write a quick note when my phone is out of reach.

Pencil Case


This particular Yellow pages came to our apartment unrequested a couple of months ago, and we still haven’t removed the wrapper… 

Phone book


My paper address book is totally useless to me, now that all of my contacts are online.

Address book


The only reason I listen to CDs anymore is because we take car rides, and our son likes to listen to his music. Otherwise, music I listen to is on Youtube, or on my iPhone.

Music CDs


What’s your list of things that you’ve stopped using?



  • i would add paper maps (iphone and gps do the trick)
    stopwatches for timing (again, phone does that)
    paper agenda (iCal on phone and laptop)

  • David Wees wrote:

    Hah! You are right, I haven’t used any of those things in years. In fact, I don’t even have any in my house to take pictures of…

  • I can’t remember the last time I used a paper map, either foldout or book… it has to be at least three years.

  • chalk, VHS, sony disk player,

  • VHS tapes
    Standard def pvr
    Iomega zip drive
    10/100 networking
    Paper dictionary
    Paper owner’s manuals
    Mailing in utility bills
    Using a mouse and keyboard to go on the Internet

  • Carolyn Gray wrote:

    A student in my class wrote a report stating that in the olden days they put film in their camera’s. Makes me sad that the olden days were only 7 years ago for me 🙂

  • Rotary phone
    Car keys to get into car (remote start curbed that!)
    Flipchart paper
    Desktop computer (laptop, smartphone work better)
    Vinyl Record player
    Cassette and cassette player
    Zip drive and disks
    Floppy disks
    Polaroid and 35mm cameras
    Dot matrix printer
    Liquid white out for pen mistakes
    Pink eraser
    Answering machine (cassette)

  • Nice list. I seldom use a copy machine anymore. Music is too important to me to live by digital tunes on an iPod or smartphone alone. Quality sound matters and vinyl is still unbeatable.

  • I gotta agree on the vinyl. I have a great stereo system with great speakers and my parents’ old turntable which they bought new in 1972. I had it fixed up, inherited their albums, and had a few of my own, and have to say – there is something about the sound quality that is ‘not there’ with mp3 when I play them through my stereo.
    The last rotary phone I had was in 1990. I remember my 6 year old niece visiting and she wanted to call her mom, and she didn’t know what to do with the phone. But then I also vaguely remember our phone exchange in Richmond BC being ‘Browning 7’ which meant BR7, which is 277-. If you catch the classic Liz Taylor movie ‘Butterfield 8’ you’ll know what it means 🙂

  • Anonymous wrote:

    whats a rotary phone?

  • Single use device – that what the kids call a watch.

  • Richard wrote:

    Cassette personal stereo- only because the last one broke, but if I feel the need to listen to music on the move I still have the MP3 player.

    Floppy disks- have tons of the things mind.

    Pencil- most of the time. Pens for writing, don’t draw much.

    PDA- still have an old one, can’t be bothered with it.

    Letters? I intend to write but never quite get round to them.

    Still use vinyl, tapes…

  • Richard wrote:

    Wristwatch. Battery went, phone does the job now.

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