Teaching Two Courses on Instructional Routines

This spring I’m going to be co-teaching two courses with Kaitlin Ruggiero on instructional routines.


Learn more here

Learn more here

The first course will focus on using the instructional routine, Contemplate then Calculate, as a tool for learning how to use the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Discussions. The second course will focus on using another instructional routine, Connecting Representations, to better understand formative assessment strategies. These instructional routines were developed by Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta. Connecting Representations is one of the routines described in their book, Routines for Reasoning.

Both courses are structured as a one-day workshop followed by 5 weeks of planning and reflecting, in an online discussion forum, on the use of the practices and strategies. The fee for the courses is minimal, set at $25 for non-New Visions’ teachers. If you are a teacher in New York City, you can also pay a $45 fee to the NYC DOE and receive 1 p-credit for each course.

I’m looking forward to teaching these courses and hope that some of you are able to participate!




  • Nina Collins wrote:

    This sounds so great but I live across the country. Please consider doing this again as an on-line course!

  • David Wees wrote:

    Hey Nina,

    I’ve been thinking about this issue and I can’t see how to easily structure this as an online course yet. There’s this critical experience of playing the role of a student in one of the routines that really helps one see how the routine works, and I don’t think video does a great job of communicating that experience. However, there may be some way of using Zoom or something similar to simulate this experience so I’ll try playing around with this and maybe we can offer an entirely online version of this course at some time.


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  • Hi David,
    We use Zoom for the online course (change.school) I’m taking. It’s definitely worth experimenting with. Also could you do a video of the routine, show it and then discuss it? I’m teaching an online course starting in July and am planning to do something similar.

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