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How to build an apathetic student body

Here are some of the ways you can ensure your student body is apathetic. Ignore student voices in important decisions in your schools. Put up work on the walls students have done for teachers instead of student messages. Ask for input from students, but make the process nearly impossible or highly exclusive. Decide that some […]

What do your student interactions look like?

Here is what my teacher and student interactions looked like when I first start teaching.  Notice a problem? The first problem was that I was overworked because I was doing ALL of the work in the classroom.  The second problem was that I could only ever help one student at a time, and when I […]

What building strong student relationships can do for you

  Image from Google Streetmap When I first started teaching, I worked at a tough school in Brooklyn called "The School for Legal Studies."  I moved to NYC just before I started working, so I felt lucky to have found an apartment a couple of blocks from the school.  The people I worked with mostly thought […]

Student assessment choices

A student of mine recently was interested in finding out if a selection technique another teacher uses to choose a random "volunteer" was in fact fair.  One of the teachers in my school uses a simple finger game to choose a student who then has to be the first person to do their presentation.  Each […]