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#Pencilchat – 10,000 Tweets and counting

When my friend John posted some tweets using pencils as an allegory for educational technology, he didn’t expect the #pencilchat hashtag he used to go viral. He’s suggested some reasons why the topic went viral, and he’s probably right. The one addition to his list that occured to me is that the idea of critiquing some of the arguments against educational technology is timely, given many teachers’ current struggles with the use of technology in their classrooms.

There are reasonable arguments against the use of technology in schools, or at least in being critical about our use. Unfortunately, these are not the arguments people use to attack the use of technology in schools.

#Pencilchat highlights the issues educators face in their use of technology. If you want to see what these issues are for yourself, you can download this archive of 10,000 of the tweets (which unfortunately, include some spam from when the discussion was trending) from the viral discussion.

It could make an interesting research project to go through the tweets and find all of the various arguments people outline for and against the use of educational technology. While some of the tweets are quite funny, and there’s a fair bit of repetition, there are also some insights into issues facing schools today.