A parent today told me how much she enjoyed the session I had with parents about technology use last year, and said that she had talked about the session with a group of parents from the school.

She said it would be wonderful if I could do it again, but she also thought parents may not be able to attend because they would be too busy.

I had the thought that creating a blog could help with this issue. One could start by presenting some common questions parents have, and/or a short video response/presentation by someone knowledgeable in the field. Parents could discuss the issue further in the comments, ask more questions, and debate whether the response by the technology "expert" is in fact reasonable. Some entries could be nothing more than an image or video and some questions to debate in the comments.

It seems to me that many parents would have questions about technology use, and that constructing a common platform for many of us to use would be helpful. We all have parents who ask questions about technology, and although we would like to pretend we have the answer, we don’t always do.

Here are some sample questions that I have heard parents ask:

  • Is wifi safe?
  • Should I allow my child to play computer games?
  • Is social media safe? What is social media, anyway?

I’ve started a blog, which I call "Questions About Technology" (link may not be active for you for up to another 48 hours) I’d like to invite interested parties to join me.