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New meme: If we taught _____ like we teach math, _____

There is a new meme out there, suggested by @r_w_wright. "If we taught _____ like we teach math, kids would _____."

Here are some examples people have posted so far.

If we taught construction like we teach math, kids would bang nails into boards but never actually build anything. ~ @davidwees

I’ve frequently said similar about statistics: "We show kids the screwdriver, but never show them a screw." ~ @heyprofbow

If we taught driver’s ed like we teach math, students would feel no shame in announcing "I can’t drive" ~ @datadiva

…and as we integrate technology, let’s be sure kids aren’t just banging virtual nails into virtual boards ~ @ChrisHunter36

If we taught English the way we teach Math, students would be able to punctuate a sentence but have no appreciation of literature. ~ @ChrisHunter36

What if we taught math like Umbridge teaches defense against the dark arts? Oh wait, we do. ~ @rjallain

If we taught mathematics the way we taught music, everyone over 11 would have 1:1 tuition outside school… oh wait… ~ @ColinTGraham

If we taught teaching the way we teach math, then most teachers would only teach the way they were taught…oh wait…  ~ @mathhombre

If we taught science the way we teach math, then people would think it’s only for the smart kids…oh wait… ~ @mathhombre

If we taught music the way we teach math, then most people would not be able to play an instrument…oh wait…  ~ @mathhombre..

If we taught videogames… wait, we don’t teach videogames? Why do so many people play? ~ @mathhombre



Want to add your own examples? Add them either here as comments, blog about them, or post them to Twitter with the #ifwetaught hashtag.